Image of 2016 Madness Behind the Mascara DVD

2016 Madness Behind the Mascara DVD

Official 2016 Madness Behind the Mascara DVD

In the life of every woman, there is a little pain behind the pretty and a little mess behind the makeup. Women are by design emotional creatures and built to deal with anything and everything, but at times even the strongest woman needs a moment to be vulnerable! The beauty of a woman is the fact that she can stand any storm with the right umbrella! Despite the storm around her, she manages to still hold her head up and smile even when she's screaming inside!

From the heart and mind of PMJ The Madness Behind the Mascara was birthed in 2012.The first event brought together nearly a thousand women of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and lifestyles. Now in our fourth year, it’s back and better than ever before! Since the inception, we have grown from a one-night event to a weekend experience!

This Special Edition DVD includes: • Teachings from Pastor Mike, Jr. & Evangelist LaTrice Ryan • Musical performances from guest artists including Sunday’s Best Season 2 winner Y’Anna Crawley and the award winning Bishop William Murphy. • Girl Talk with Lady J and the fabulous ladies of The Ladies Room along with the special guest Power Panel

This DVD will not only unmask and deal with the brokenness, but we celebrate the fact that God has covered us in spite of it all! Life is hard, we've all been through an amalgamation of compounded complexities, and these teachings will help you to uncover these areas and gain self-awareness. All the while making you life, making you cry, and making you shout sometimes all at the same time. Don’t miss your chance to relive Madness 2016!